Saturday, January 30, 2010

THE c.a.t

The 3 alphabet word that has blown away the comforts of days and sleeps of nights of our whole new young breeds of engineers , doctors , b.coms blah blah blah is C.A.T ( bloody perverts i was not talking about S.E.X :X) .

Being an engineering student i was always interested in the latter 3 letter word ;) but i don't know how that someone / something somehow managed to make me and my ass ready for facing THE c.a.t .

It was tough decision to give C.A.T as it was worth 1400/- and 1400/- means

1.) 11 movies ( not the cheap 50 rupees front row seats but all gold tickets ) :P :D
2.) 2 trips to kasauli , shimla etc. etc. etc. ( i can't disclose all locations :P )
3.) Modifications i mean modification of the bike (The cheap one :|)

I was luckily among the most unlucky students who got the chance to write the C.A.T 2009 twice . Prometric ( CAT 2009 organizers ) sent me a mail on my G-MAIL account if i want to avail that extra chance to write C.A.T 2009 again . My this G-MAIL account was attached to my FACEBOOK ,ORKUT,TWITTER,HI5 etc. accounts so due to the huge fan-following of mine that mail from prometric lost in the ocean of the mails and no response to that mail actually meant................. " YES SIR I'M INTERESTED " so in this way i got 2nd chance :\ :\ :\

This time i preferred my own bike over the bus to reach the exam center so as to add some thrills and excitement as i could drive at some 100km/hr on highway :) :) .

3 reasons why i was not excited at all since :-
1.) I won't be allowed to pee for next 5 hours ( you have to drink less so that you pee less :\ )
2.) There were no good looking girls in the earlier chance so no natural beauty even this time :|
3.) You have to sit in front of a computer where you have no facebook , no songs nothing and you are being recorded so you can't even move from your seat :| :|

I reached intentionally / unintentionally ( i don't want to reveal :p :D ) 10 minutes late so that i have to wait for less time in the queue for the 6 level security system ( even on airports it is 4 level ) . They even don't allow you to take along the hanker chief with you so avoid cold else you have to somehow use your shirt / pant as an alternate :P :D

All the students present there were SUPER- GEEKS some points which were making me odd one out there were .
>> All were wearing specs i was wearing sun-glasses :|
>> Student present there were fully loaded with pens of every color that mother nature has formed orange , red , green ,purple ,pink etc. and i was having a half empty 5 bucks pen :|
>> I was wearing a ultra-cool half sleeves jacket with faded jeans and GEEKS were all in casuals :| ....

Somehow , The exam started on time and there were no faults in the systems this time and students like me who were " caught in wrong job " were more happy when exam ended as it was a mere torture to remember " what is curved surface area of frustrum in a tent were we have to paint its outer surface " ( god only knows what is shape of a frustrum ) :P :D =))

So friends remember this :-

" CAT पाल लेना ...... CAT के साथ खेल लेना BUT C.A.T को देना मत ;)..... UNDERSTOOD =))

Saturday, October 31, 2009

ENGINEER SAHABH .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

After 5-6 months i would be labeled as an enggnneere sorry ennginner sorry ENGINEER and to measure how excited i am about this i could mention some example to represent my hight of excitement .

1.) I am that much excited as most of us are excited about exam results .
2.) Microsoft's excitement to have a glimpse of Google wave and to use that on there P.C 's ( GO GOOGLE screw MICROSOFT ) :P .
3.) Brazil's excitement to face Mohan bagan in a football face off . ( This is worst ... sorry Brazil :D)

I think i was not destined to be an engineer , on 7th august 1989 ( 9:00 pm ) i was born and at 7th august 1989 ( 9:01 pm) my dad said " MERA BETA ENGINEER NAHI BANEGA " ..... at that time there was too much of chaos in the room and i was not in my senses so what i heard was "MERA BETA ENGINEER HI BANEGA " and i devoted next 17 years of my life to be an ENGINEER SAHABH .

I can't exactly recollect why i chose COMPUTER ENGINEERING but still reasons at that time were :-

> I can switch on/off my pc .
> I can email someone at the age of 17 ....wowwwwwwwwwwwww( Now i even get farm ville requests from my neighbor's 6 year old son :( )
> I can join-unjoin speaker cables of my p.c ( actually this i treated equivalent to networking at that time ) ....... shoot me :X

> One theory was devised by me during these devine 4 years " ANOOP'S GHANTA THEORY " according to this :-

In the first year you study for some 5 hours a day .
In the second year you study for some 5 hours a week .
In the third year you study for some 5 hours a month .
In the fourth year you study for some 5 hours a semester .

sabh ghante ka khel hai :d ........

> Engineering is battle :
you have to fight for the last bench , the chance to sit with geeks in exam , to talk to charming girls :d , to make teacher feel that it was by mistake you have 19 % attendance else you could have 91 % attendance .

But now i want this so called " ENGINEERING " thing to get over soon . I'm tired of cheating assignments , cheating in exams , faking the projects , cramming unnecessary subjects , bunking lectures and traveling as well ( even the roadways conductors and drivers knew me by my name and so the rickshaw wala's :D ) . I could easily earn the tag " ENGINEER SAHABH " there is no rocket science involved in it but the real meaning is lost and this thing hurts me a lot .

I think its time for me to make some changes i mean drastic changes and i want to make one thing clear " I owe that SKY-BLUE thing " .

Enough of engineering posts from me next post could be a serious one \yay/ could be a love story ...... keep guessing :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Me and moi handwriting ...


Phewww ... i'm back with black chapter of my life ..... a part of my life that is as controversial as " should 377 should be legalized in India :D " or " KAMAAL R KHAN (K.R.K ) is better actor or director or singer ( as per him he is good in all ...choice is yours ) " ......... that controversy in my life is my HAND WRITING :(

>> I have faced that much criticism for my handwriting as MR.GEORGE .W .BUSH suffered for screwing the ass of IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN ( i guess he suffered less :| ) .........


1) My chemistry teacher one fine day told me " why ?why?why? why you have taken non-medical ( actually i got some 22 out of 70 so her reaction was bit obvious but ... ) you should have taken medical .... so poor handwriting " ... that was the first and last time somebody asked me to change to medical stream .... everybody advised "change to arts "

2) There was a teacher who tortured us in 3rd year of engineering ( ahhh she was gorgeous .... but only gorgeous ..... her knowledge of the subject was dangerous ) ... she once asked " who is this roll no . 6240302945 ?? " and asked me to stand and continued " you know what after checking .75 of your paper i slept for 7.5 hours and after that i have to take ( a cup of coffee + 5 hours of soothing music + a 2km walk ) ...your hand writing is such a disaster "

3)A friend in need is friend indeed ...... my friends in the mean time were nice with me and comfortable with my handwriting ... ( mushkil main gadhe ko baap banana padta hai :D ) ...... once my friend ( nice friend .... kind friend ) told me " Anoop yar your handwriting is not that bad ... you are still better then my 3 year old cousin " .... after this i slapped him + slapped his 2 year old cousin twice + a coke + samosa ..... phewww this was worst yar :( ......

4)A classmate of mine once asked for my notebook .....on this i was feeling like india has won 8 gold medals in olympics ..... it was later i got to know her sister was doing some research on criminal psychology and topic was " ARE people with bad handwriting are more prone to be serial killer " ... this was limit of humiliation :( ........

>> Any ways this has one benefit as well ... people think that i knew some foreign languages as well :: arabic , chinese ,pashto ,japani ha ha ha ........ oh damnnnn they laugh at me i thought they are praising me :(

note : I google ` d about the people who had a bad handwriting and are successful in life and guess what i got one such personality SHINEY AHUJA ... errrrrrr .... yar he is famous aise ya vaise ...... one song dedicated to shiney ahuja ... please do check it .....

ADIOS .................

Sunday, October 18, 2009

OBAMA GOT PEACE NOBEL ..... what you got??

Hmmmm .... OBAMA got PEACE NOBEL . This news came as a shocker to me as if somebody has told me ...

>> Zyed khan bagged a oscar for best actor ( in case you haven't heard his name here is the legendary zayed khan ---> ) :d

>> I got 33 out of 100 in chemistry ( big dream .. zayed may get oscar .... i can't score this much :d)

>> Zimbabwe defeated Australia by an innings and 450 runs in test match

>> you got a girl-friend ( ohh even i din't knew that )

errrrr.........chuck it , back to the topic

How can someone like OBAMA president of a country whose army is busy in blowing the asses of 4 different countries got even nominated for this , may be this prize has been given to OBAMA since CHICAGO lost the 2016 Olympics bid and he cried whole night ( karan johar now don't get inspired by this plot :D) .........

Best part was when he said " i accept this prize " , really ?? we thought he was going to say " it could be some other OBAMA please check the list again !! " :d ........

But this has now actually created whole new dilemma as Indian president also raised her voice that she should also be nominated next year for the peace Nobel as she has maintained complete peace never spoke a word in last 6 months sorry last 2 years ( best way to maintain peace ... silence :D)

He has already got the support of zeelions of indian by lighting a lamp outside white house on ocassion of diwali and giving this mesasge on diwali --->

I personally like Obama very much i like his way of leading from front and his down to earth nature but Nobel prize could have been given to someone else more deserving
then him .

What are we getting from all this ?? whether OBAMA gets or OSAMA gets the peace Nobel this would not effect us . By the way do you know the name of Indian origin professor getting CHEMISTRY NOBEL ?? that's the
irony ......... :x .
Congrats Mr. Barrack Obama on this achievement .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogger ..........errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

After some 4 years of my journey on this real fake virtual world i decided to be a blogger . I don't know how regular i could be but i'll try to mock the serious things in much lighter or funnier way here . So , let the game begin . Ahhhh this engineering thing has made me dumb as mind is programed to run only in december and may ( semester exam time ) but i'll shoot my inner frustration here for sure . Time to go else mom will shoot me ( mom : " tu band kar raha hai ye ...ya main aake band karu ") . By the way .... don't watch movie BLUE , if you have an aquarium in your house take 2-3 rounds of that aquarium you will feel better then you'll after watching blue .