Saturday, January 30, 2010

THE c.a.t

The 3 alphabet word that has blown away the comforts of days and sleeps of nights of our whole new young breeds of engineers , doctors , b.coms blah blah blah is C.A.T ( bloody perverts i was not talking about S.E.X :X) .

Being an engineering student i was always interested in the latter 3 letter word ;) but i don't know how that someone / something somehow managed to make me and my ass ready for facing THE c.a.t .

It was tough decision to give C.A.T as it was worth 1400/- and 1400/- means

1.) 11 movies ( not the cheap 50 rupees front row seats but all gold tickets ) :P :D
2.) 2 trips to kasauli , shimla etc. etc. etc. ( i can't disclose all locations :P )
3.) Modifications i mean modification of the bike (The cheap one :|)

I was luckily among the most unlucky students who got the chance to write the C.A.T 2009 twice . Prometric ( CAT 2009 organizers ) sent me a mail on my G-MAIL account if i want to avail that extra chance to write C.A.T 2009 again . My this G-MAIL account was attached to my FACEBOOK ,ORKUT,TWITTER,HI5 etc. accounts so due to the huge fan-following of mine that mail from prometric lost in the ocean of the mails and no response to that mail actually meant................. " YES SIR I'M INTERESTED " so in this way i got 2nd chance :\ :\ :\

This time i preferred my own bike over the bus to reach the exam center so as to add some thrills and excitement as i could drive at some 100km/hr on highway :) :) .

3 reasons why i was not excited at all since :-
1.) I won't be allowed to pee for next 5 hours ( you have to drink less so that you pee less :\ )
2.) There were no good looking girls in the earlier chance so no natural beauty even this time :|
3.) You have to sit in front of a computer where you have no facebook , no songs nothing and you are being recorded so you can't even move from your seat :| :|

I reached intentionally / unintentionally ( i don't want to reveal :p :D ) 10 minutes late so that i have to wait for less time in the queue for the 6 level security system ( even on airports it is 4 level ) . They even don't allow you to take along the hanker chief with you so avoid cold else you have to somehow use your shirt / pant as an alternate :P :D

All the students present there were SUPER- GEEKS some points which were making me odd one out there were .
>> All were wearing specs i was wearing sun-glasses :|
>> Student present there were fully loaded with pens of every color that mother nature has formed orange , red , green ,purple ,pink etc. and i was having a half empty 5 bucks pen :|
>> I was wearing a ultra-cool half sleeves jacket with faded jeans and GEEKS were all in casuals :| ....

Somehow , The exam started on time and there were no faults in the systems this time and students like me who were " caught in wrong job " were more happy when exam ended as it was a mere torture to remember " what is curved surface area of frustrum in a tent were we have to paint its outer surface " ( god only knows what is shape of a frustrum ) :P :D =))

So friends remember this :-

" CAT पाल लेना ...... CAT के साथ खेल लेना BUT C.A.T को देना मत ;)..... UNDERSTOOD =))


  1. lol,superb!Best blog I've ever read:P

  2. Very well written Paaji... This is going to happen to me next year though :|

  3. grt blog yaar...maja aa gya pad kar

  4. saleya tu tan aap agle saal CAT dena hai... te loka nu fudu bnanda hai....:P

  5. oh wah 6 comments :) thank you guys salla rat main 2-5 main likha tha ye :P :d ...... lot more to come guys :)

  6. two thumbs up for superb post..!!

  7. @ ankur ... Thanku you bro :)

    @himanshu ... ha ha ha sala 2 thainga dikha raha hai : P :D ,,, ha ha ha

  8. tera dimag bada solid hai bhai..aur ideas soch kuch....maza agya padke...very well writen..

  9. vadiya lika hai specially the last line :D